Two Dates In One Weekend

I didn’t really expect to have two dates in one weekend, actually I didn’t really even expect to start the actual dates until October, that was where I got the calculation of 5 dates per month. However, guy from date number two was actually the first to ask me to go out.

Sidenote: I know that I should somehow come up with nicknames for these guys to use when I blog, but I can’t think of how to do that, so I don’t get confused with their actual real names too and there are about 4 guys that have names that start with a D, so that would be just as confusing.

Anyway, as soon as I got to the email stage with “second guy that has a name that starts with a D” (Allergy boy that cancelled on me had a D name too, an actual D name, not what you are thinking….I told you I was being nice in these posts), he asked what I was doing that particular weekend in his first email to me. He wanted to know about meeting for lunch on Sunday in a middle town. I liked that he asked to get together so quickly, even more so now, as I just got finished emailing a few other guys back. Some of my email exchanges with other guys have been up to 10 emails or so and I am starting to run out of things to say over email. I am also getting tired of answering the question, believe it or not, of “how is my day.” However, my favorite communicator so far – remember him? – asked me some good questions in just his second email. Here is what he said:

“Here is my question for you:
How would you like to proceed? Would you like to continue emailing for awhile? Or move to a phone conversation? Or skip ahead to just meeting in person?

I have justifications for each of the above approaches. Sometimes if both parties are comfortable meeting sooner it is better that later, for if there is no chemistry in person then there is no reason to drag it out. But on the other hand it may take time for both parties to become comfortable with each other before meeting. I know my mere words carry little weight on here, but as a man, I would never ask you to compromise your sense of security in any way. Thus, you’re in complete control … I’m just seeking a rose. =]”

Good, huh?

But I need to stop there, because he is date number three this coming Saturday and this post is supposed to be out Numero Dos. That is what I get for waiting this long to blog about date 2, because I am already in anticipation of Mr. Knows Just What To Say up there.

So back to last Sunday.

date two pic

I decided to wear a casual sundress, because the weather was very nice out and a Sunday lunch just seemed to call for it. One of the downsides about this date was that I had to travel just under an hour to meet him. However, I wouldn’t have expected him to come all the way to me. So I was fine traveling and rocking out to  Jamie Grace’s newest CD, the songs on that CD have become my theme songs for these dates. It has put me at ease both times.

cdHe had given me a restaurant to meet him at, which I was grateful for, he had done his research on this town, even though, I don’t think either one of us had ate there before. I pulled up one minute early again, 12:59 and he was already waiting at the outdoor tables at the front of the restaurant. So far, so good with timeliness in these guys. I recognized him from his pictures and crossed the street towards him. I can’t even remember the first thing I said to him, probably something along the lines of…umm…”Hi.” He asked how I pronounced my name and then told me that the restaurant he chose, only had the bar open, so he had been looking up a few other places around the area. He gave me two choices from his findings and I told him to pick. He ended up picking a pizza place, so I was good with that, great actually! People that are so health conscious that cannot eat pizza, make me feel intimidated. So point for him there. The pizza place was only two blocks away and since it was such a nice day out, we walked. He asked me about my job and I probably started rambling right away. When we got to the restaurant he said, “I have never been to this one before.” I didn’t really say anything because I was trying to figure out if we were to seat ourselves or what. As we were walking to our table he said, “I have never been to this one before.” Note to self: Next time, respond, even if you aren’t sure what to say, just say anything, so they know you are listening the first time. “Oh really, you haven’t? Me either.” There. That was good.

When we sat down he ordered an appetizer of “garlic knots” and I gave him another point. I kind of liked that he did that without even asking me first, he seemed to be pretty decisive, and I admired that. I know I got that admiration from the mere fact of him ordering an appetizer, but I sensed a confidence in him. During our lunch, we talked mostly about our professions because his is very similar to mine. We seemed to connect in those areas, but not in others. He did a great job of making me feel comfortable and asking good questions, but not like interview types of questions. After we were finished, it had been about an hour. He was the first to start cleaning his area, which made me realize he was ready to go and we walked back to our cars. As we walked he said he had a few things to do at home, which made me not say anything about getting ice cream this time. I was actually ready to leave too, knowing I had a 50 minute drive ahead of me. I was  looking forward to getting back home to having some part of my day to do my weekend chores. As we said goodbye at our cars, I went to shake his hand, but I think that he thought I was going for a hug. So I said, “Oh sure, we can hug.” I don’t know why I said that, I should have just went with it and not opened my mouth. He said, “Yeah let’s hug it out.” We hugged, barely, I might add and I thanked him again and walked to my car. The problem is, I think I forgot to thank him for paying for lunch. That was probably just another strike for me. I will get better at this, I am sure I will.

There we go. Three blog posts in three days. I can now give myself a few days break. Don’t miss me too much. This weekend also has two dates on the books. Although Sunday’s date has already warned me he has been suffering from bad allergies this week and went to the doctor today, but he is praying he will be better by our date. I told him if he cancelled, he would be the second that cancelled due to allergies and that I just might start thinking that I was the one causing these “allergies.” His response was cute, because he is good with words too. But that is date number 4, so I can’t get ahead of myself with him either. Actually, both dates this weekend seem to be pretty smooth talkers… I mean… writers. These next two blog posts should be fun.

28 and counting down. Until next week.


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