Friday’s Fifth

I have recently realized I have always been an entertainer at heart. In high school, I was involved in the drama team at my church’s youth group. I even got the guts to try out for a high school play my senior year at school – I got cut though. A little part of me has always wondered what it would be like to be a real live actress. However, instead I use my acting skills to emcee the school’s talent show by providing as much entertainment as I can muster up in between introducing acts. That is all I have to offer, I can’t sing well, I can ensure you that I do not dance well, and playing the piano didn’t work out so much for me  in middle school after a failed recital. Entertaining through my words was a new idea to me, so these past couple of weeks have been such a treat. I get excited to write blog posts, maybe even more so than going out on the actual date. So thank you for clicking to come here, thank you for reading this, and thank you for sharing in my journey and for all of your encouragement along the way.

Onto my jammed pack, date filled weekend. About a week and a half ago, I had my Saturday and Sunday dates lined up. I have kept email communication with some other guys that had yet to ask me out, when finally after about 15 emails sent back and forth with one particular individual, he asked if I wanted to go out this weekend. I literally wrote back and said, “I thought you would never ask!” Unfortunately I had to tell him I already had plans on Saturday and Sunday. He wrote back and said he could do Friday if I wanted. I thought about it for probably longer than I should have, because my Friday nights are usually spent getting home from work around 7, after long and exhausting weeks. I usually relax with a bubble bath, whip up something simple for dinner, really simple, like mac and cheese and go to bed by 10 after an evening of couch sitting. But my only alternative was to ask him to wait until November and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get to know this one. So I wrote back and said Friday would be perfect. A few days later he asked for my number, so we could begin to plan for Friday. I gave him my number but typed out a warning with it that included that I prefer texting over talking on the phone to people I have yet met in person. So Thursday evening he texted me and offered up some ideas for our date on Friday and asked for my input. After my only input of shooting down his putt putt idea, in a nice way of course, he didn’t respond for a long time. Finally when he did get back to me, he said, “Sorry for the delay, I had to bounce some ideas off my parents.” That was cute. I told him so too. He asked how the plan of getting a pizza, going bowling and then topping it off with dessert sounded. I said it was perfect, all while still smiling that his parents helped him figure that one out. He texted me an address to meet for pizza and he set the time for 7:30.

I headed into work the next morning, praying that I would have energy to enjoy my Friday evening with him. I got home from work, sooner than usual, and jumped into the shower to re-energize myself. I did my hair a bit differently than normal. I went for the crimpy, curly, scrunched look. It had been raining most of the day, so I thought that fit better with the weather. But the whole time prior to my date, I was not satisfied with my look. “Get over it girl,” I told myself. “Stop focusing on what you look like and remember inner beauty is so much better.” I pinned my bangs back, looked in the mirror one last time, realized that it was as good as it was gonna get, and left my house.

date five pic

As I was driving to the restaurant, I got this feeling that made me think, “What am I doing here, 30 dates before I turn 30, are you stinkin’ crazy?” It is interesting the thoughts that are jumbled in my head before each date. I remember distinctly, driving to date number 2 and I felt like I was in a movie. This time, I just constantly repeated in my head…this is good for you… this is good for you. It was good for me. During my pep talk to myself, he texted me at 7:10, stating he had arrived. When I pulled in at 7:27, I responded that I was walking up. However, when I got to the front entrance I didn’t see anyone that remotely resembled his pictures. It had rained about an hour prior and so when I went to sit on the bench outside the restaurant it was soaked, so I decided against it. There was a man sitting on another bench with two little adorable boys, one baby in his hands and another three year old dancing around in front of him. The man whispered to the little boy and he quickly came over to me with the biggest smile ever and took his jacket to wipe up the rain from the bench so I could sit down! I wanted to pinch his cute little cheeks just seeing him, but now I wanted to take him home. He only wiped up a third of the moisture, but I sat down anyway and soaked the back of my pants. I began talking to the dad and he was explaining that his boys were adopted and how special they were to him. During our conversation, I saw date number five, “The Good Son” walk up (a guy that consults his parents for date ideas, will certainly be nicknamed as such). He walked past me, for some reason he didn’t see me, and pulled out his phone to call me. I waved at him to get his attention because I couldn’t answer my phone in the midst of my conversation. As I began to walk away from the most adorable, little African American, three year old that I have ever met, I told his dad he was doing a great job raising a gentleman. I walked over to my date number five and explained to him what that little boy did for me and he said, “Oh no, someone already has me beat for the night!” I laughed, we walked into the restaurant and we were told we had a 40 minute wait. I suggested we go walk around downtown for a bit. As we did, we came across another bench and he said he wished he had a jacket to wipe it off for me. He then asked if I wanted him to take off his shirt for that purpose, I quickly told him no, that would not be the best idea in the middle of downtown 🙂 I guess it would have made this blog post a little more interesting though.

Once we got back to the restaurant and seated, the conversation was brought up that I was a math teacher and he immediately lit up, math is part of his job. He told me he wanted to show me a “math trick” and he pulled out a pen from his pocket and held it up. Then he announced, “You always should bring a pen when on a date, just in case.” “In case you meet someone curious enough to show them a math trick?” I asked. “No, just to have a pen on a date.” I laughed and he began scribbling on a napkin. I was following him up until the end, the trick involved compound interest and then the ending started making no sense to me. He seemed a little confused and asked me what he did wrong. I said I had no idea and offered the sympathy that it could just be me. “No, it is definitely me,” he said, “I did something wrong.” I let that slide and the pizza arrived. Best pizza ever, by the way. He said he had looked up the best pizza places around and his research had definitely paid off. At some points our conversation would die off and I got a little awkward. Each time, I tired to salvage it, but it seemed a bit choppy. He didn’t really seem nervous, I wasn’t nervous, I just felt it didn’t always flow. However, when we did find something to talk about, it went well. At one point I asked him about his other dates from eharmony and he said that many times he would meet a girl and she wouldn’t look anything like her picture. I began to get nervous, hoping he wasn’t disappointed by me, since of course, I tired to pick some good pictures to post on eharmony. I finally asked him, “Do I look like my pictures?” He answered and said I looked a little different. “Is it my hair?” I asked a bit self consciously. He smiled and said he liked my hair. He told me I looked a bit different than my pictures, but in a different way than what he was talking about with the other girls. I still didn’t know what that meant, but I decided to let it be a compliment and we moved on from that conversation.

After he paid for the pizza, we left for the bowling alley. I followed him in my car and we arrived at a place just 3 minutes from the restaurant. This guy did a great job planning each detail. We walked inside and right away I realized it was glow bowling. My stomach dropped a bit, because I have been scarred from glow bowling. My front teeth have been reconstructed after chipping them in elementary school and for some reason the “glow” makes them look different than the rest of my teeth, or so everyone always points out anytime I go to a “glow anything”. I immediately told myself not to smile while we were there, knowing this was going to be hard, because The Good Son smiled at everything. After my first strike, that rule was quickly broken and I forgot about my teeth. I smiled the rest of the night and nothing was mentioned if he did notice it. He kicked my tail the first game and won by 60 points. He got a score of 142, which he said was his all time high. We had previously discussed during our pre-dinner walk that neither one of us were good at bowling. I am ecstatic if I can break a 100, which did not happen this night. I was proud of him for doing well and I think that boosted his self-confidence a bit, which I was glad for. Both of us did even worse the second game, but he still won by 28 points. We then headed on to our third event of the night. He had already looked up an ice cream place about 5 minutes from the bowling alley and I again followed him there.

As we drove, I noticed we passed a small little restaurant that I knew was very well known for their delicious desserts. We parked and he had to pay for me to park too because I had no cash on me (note to self: bring at least some cash on dates in the future). Because of that, I told him I would pay for dessert. I had an inner struggle of whether or not I wanted to change his plans and ask him if we could switch dessert places. That is when I saw the sign that our parking tickets would get us 5 dollars off at the restaurant I wanted to go to. So I had to ask. He said he was fine with it and the rain started. I went to my car and grabbed an umbrella and took it over to him, even though we could barely both fit under it. I think he was halfway under and halfway getting soaked. The restaurant was just around the corner and it was a short walk, but during that time he put his arm around me and held me even closer as we walked. Smooth one. This guy doesn’t miss opportunities. We walked into the restaurant, which was actually quite fancy and I was glad that I had offered to pay. We ordered a piece of chocolate cake to split, he let me pick. After we were finished with the cake, I went to grab my purse, but the waiter said that since we had two parking tickets, that was ten dollars off and that covered our entire bill. Here I offer to pay and then it works out that we get the dessert for free. I thanked our waiter and we left.

We headed back to the car, the rain had let up a bit, so it was just me under the umbrella and I thanked him for paying for everything and giving me a great time. He said he had a great time as well and I walked over to my car and he walked to his. It took him a second, but then he finally said, “Wait, I want to give you a hug.” So he came back over to my car and hugged me under the umbrella. I told him to have a safe drive back, got in my car, and waved goodbye. Two seconds later, I got a text from him that said simply, “You’re cute.” I smiled as I drove home. I arrived home and took a bubble bath and went to bed. Exhausted. But well worth it.

25 dates and counting down. Until tomorrow.


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