Number Nine: First Second Date

This was not my first second date in my entire life, but it was my first second date since starting the 30 dates back in September. Can anyone guess who?

That’s right. Date Three, Mr. Knows Just What To Say. I think I gave him two different nicknames in that post. He was also known as Mr. Intellect, but after going out on a second date with him, he should probably be known as Mr. Knows Just What To Say from now on, because he certainly knows just. what. to. say.

Originally I had three dates planned for this weekend, but Friday’s date never followed through. On October 2nd, Mr. Doesn’t Follow Through, texted me and after a few starting questions, like “How are you?” and “How has your week been?” we began trying to set a day for our date. He suggested four different days (three of which were weekdays) and all four were days I couldn’t do. So I suggested the 24th, holding my breath and apologizing that we had to wait over 20 days to meet. He literally said, “It’s all good!” and that was it. About a week later, I texted him and told him I was looking forward to meeting him and that I hoped he didn’t forget about me. The next day he texted a short answer consisting of the words, “Ok yea sounds good” which confused me because that didn’t seem like a response to what I said. Okay yea? Sounds good? Meaning…you are going to forget about me? I just left it at that, didn’t know how to respond and wondered if I would ever hear from him again. I didn’t. The 24th came and went and nothing.

However, I can’t say I was too disappointed because I am fine having a Friday night at home, knowing I had two dates the following days. And I was really looking forward to my second date with Mr. KJWTS, since he had still been texting me quite often.

About a week and a half ago, we were having a conversation about what to do on our date. I told him I would drive to his town this time. He was throwing out some ideas and I told him that I really didn’t care what we did. I just wanted to see what it was like being together a second time. He then said he was going to plan a really lame date, kind of like a “make it or break it” kind of date, to see if we enjoyed being around each other. I told him I liked his thinking. I seriously did. I would have been fine staying at his house playing Monopoly (which was one of his suggestions) rather than going on some adventurous date. He told me to bring a book and we could read together on his couch. I am not sure if he was joking or not, but I went with it. I told him that I was going to bring GRAD school homework. He said that was probably the lamest thing he could think of and he loved that idea. He volunteered to help me. So our date was planned.

24 hours before our date he texted me and said, “I am glad that I got YOU looking forward to tomorrow almost as much as me.” I don’t know how he knew that, I don’t think I ever came out and told him that, but he just seems to “get me.” I agreed with him and asked him how he managed to do that?

His response:

“Well I’d like to think it was all my charm, but I don’t think any guy is good enough to crack your code. So my only conclusion is God must have had something to do with it.”

Three truths right there friends. He has charm. I have a tough code to crack (which, I let him know was not fully “cracked” yet) and God certainly seemed to be playing a part.

Anyway, with cute texts like that, how could I not be excited for our second date?!

date nine pic cropped

I know you are probably sick of seeing pictures of just me and you would much rather see a picture of my date, but this is the best I am gonna do. Plus, you get to see the outfit I wear for each date! 🙂

It took me about two hours to get to his house after making a pit stop for some gum. I forgot to re-stock before I left my house. And you cannot go on a date without gum. That’s my rule anyway. And that should be your rule too. At least I remembered to put on deodorant this time, I had forgotten that on date six, but forgot to mention that in that post. I got to his house a bit before 4, parked in his driveway, hoping he would come out to greet me. He didn’t, so I pulled myself out of the car and went and knocked on his door. He opened it and I hugged him. I told myself ahead of time to hug him right away, because on our first date he said he was nervous. I wanted to do anything in my power to make him feel comfortable from the beginning this time.

I entered in his very clean house, took a quick tour and we got down to business with my GRAD school project. Doing homework with someone else is always way more fun. While we were working, I looked up and there was a cat coming down the stairs. I don’t know where the cat was hiding during the house tour, but I looked at him and said, “Of course you have a cat.” He smiled and I asked him what her name was. He said, a bit embarrassed, “well I call her Toot.” “Okay,” I said, I didn’t ask any questions, and we got back to work.

After about an hour of working, I was starting to get really hungry, and so we left for dinner. At dinner I asked him if he was still nervous around me. He said he was a little bit and I thought that was cute, but didn’t tell him that. After a few seconds went by, he said, “But I think that is a good thing. On past dates, I usually did not care as much.” Mr. Knows Just What To Say strikes again. Conversation was easy and he said about three more cute statements, that I will spare you from, before you start to roll your eyes at his charm.

We went back to his house to finish my project. We didn’t get very far because my stomach started rumbling and I started to get hot with embarrassment. I tried to stay focused, but all I could think about was how my stomach was starting to feel upset. I suggested we stop working on my homework and just watch a movie that I had brought with me. The movie was still in my car and I needed an excuse to get some fresh air. He asked if I wanted him to go out to get the movie, because my car was parked in a lot a couple hundred feet away from his townhouse. “No!” I said a little too quickly, “I’ll get it.” I needed to get outside in case, well you know, I felt like I needed to… enter in cat’s name here.

I felt a bit better going back inside his house, so you can guess what transpired in my car. I was thankful for that parking lot being a couple hundred feet away.

We ended the night watching the movie as I laid on his couch listening to my stomach rumble and praying that the cat and his stupid name stayed far far away. I left as soon as the movie was over, not because of my stomach issues, I had started feeling better halfway into the movie, but because it was getting late and I still had a two hour drive ahead of me.

He walked me out to my car and we hugged goodbye. As I was getting into the drivers’ seat, he started saying something, but I couldn’t quite tell what he was saying. I think I was too distracted trying to figure out what I should say to end this date in a way that didn’t give way to discussing a third date. Not to say that I didn’t want a third date, I just need time to process and discussing the next date when you aren’t even finished with one, is hard for me. Apparently he didn’t know what he was saying either, because he looked at me and said, “There was English in there somewhere.” He was probably thinking the exact same thing that I was thinking and had a hard time wording his goodbye. He closed my door and didn’t mention seeing me again. He just “gets me.” Did I say that already?

On the way home he texted me a sweet text, would you expect anything less? I texted him back when I got home and told him I had a great time and I knew it was hard to say goodbye without talking about when we would see each other again, but I appreciated the way we ended it. I fell asleep with a smile.

Today as I was getting ready to leave for date ten, I grabbed my purse and saw a card sitting inside it with my name. I literally looked around my house, wondering how in the world that got in there.

I opened the card and couldn’t believe Mr. KJWTS was sneaky enough to put that in there the night before without me seeing. It was probably when I went out to make my movie errand to the car.

I know that typing out what he wrote in the card is somehow violating his privacy here and if he finds out I am blogging one day, I am not quite sure how he would feel about this. But it made my heart warm and it is just too stinkin’ good not to share.

So here goes, here are his words:

I just wanted to share my prayer for you and your 30 dates. I will always be your biggest fan no matter what happens between us!

Heavenly Father, creator of the entire universe and every microscopic cell in my body, I pray that you bring Elisa godly men of character on her 30 dates. Give her your wisdom and discernment in order to seek truth and sincerity in their words and actions. Grant her confidence in knowing who you have deemed worthy of her love, and offer her your complete peace after she makes each decision. Naturally draw her to those you want her to know better, and away from those you don’t. Please keep her safe, never having to sacrifice her sense of security. And let her feel YOUR love for her, YOUR grace and YOUR mercy through this process as you reassure her of how BEAUTIFUL she is not only to you Lord, but to everyone who is blessed to have ever met her! In Christ’s Name, AMEN!

p.s. I’m sure I absolutely loved spending today with you. Hoping you had a great time as well.

-Mr. Knows Just What To Say

I texted him and asked him what weekends he was free in November.

21 dates and counting down. Until sometime this week when I have time to post about today’s date.


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