13 Going On 30!

My date 13 was with Mr. Patient, he was the one that was originally going to be my date 11, but due to the power outage on November 1st, we cancelled. He seemed totally fine with re-scheduling for November 15th, thus getting his nickname.  What a great guy being willing to wait for almost two months from when we first started communicating and not giving me a hard time about it, not even one little bit.

For our November 1st date, we had planned to meet at a restaurant and then go to a movie afterwards. He said he was willing to drive to me, since he lived just under 2 hours away, but that I should pick out the restaurant since he wasn’t familiar with the area. As I have stated before, I always get intimidated when picking out restaurants, since I never know what the price range should be. I mean, I would be fine with Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A or something like that. However, I know those might not be the best date night places. So, as usual, to help me be a bit more decisive, I chose three “middle of the road” priced restaurants and he chose one from my list. He chose Outback Steakhouse.

A few days prior to our re-scheduled date, we confirmed through text that Saturday was still good for both of us and that we would stick with our original plan – Outback and a movie. I pushed back the time 30 minutes, because I had a paper for GRAD school due that same day and of course I had been putting it off to the last minute. I am not sure what 30 minutes was going to do, but it made me feel better about getting my paper turned in before I left for the date. If I could finish the paper by 4, I made it my goal that I would reward myself by getting my nails painted. I should have made that promise to myself weeks ago, maybe that paper would have gotten done before the day it was actually due. I did end up finishing by 4, and left to get my nails done shortly after. However, the picture below was taken before that, so don’t look too closely at my chipped nails. I added another filter to make them hard to see and because of my stupid blemishes in this winter-like weather. Amazing what a filter does for ya 🙂 Why I hadn’t figured that out sooner, is beyond me.

date 13 pic

After I left the nail salon, I still had an hour to spare, but figured it wouldn’t make sense for me to go back home. So I texted him that I could be there before 6:30 if he wanted and began heading towards the restaurant. I knew he would be on his way already, he had texted me at 4:15 stating that he was leaving. So I figured, he might even get there early too. I stopped by a store to kill some time and ended up calling the restaurant for call ahead seating, since knowing Outback, there is usually an hour wait. Almost immediately after putting my name in, he texted and said he was there early, but that he needed to charge his phone in the car, so we could keep it at 6:30. He also told me he put our names in for call ahead seating. Great minds think alike, I guess. Well I am assuming he has a great mind, since he thought of that 🙂

Here was our text conversation after I told him that I had done the exact same thing:

He said, “Come on now, I had it covered!”

“Well you are smarter than I thought you were.”

“So wait, you didn’t think I was smart to begin with? Ouch that hurts!”

“I said smart-er.”

“Still hurts.”

“Then you are more sensitive than I thought too :)”

“Oh that was a great come back. I like that.”

Here we are, me in the parking lots of Kohl’s and him in the parking lot of Outback, 15 minutes before meeting and we are sending texts back and forth. I thought it was cute though.

Prior to those texts, I just wasn’t sure what his personality was like. We had texted for weeks, every few days or so and before that we had emailed for about a month. But it mostly consisted of questions like, “how was your day?” and “what are you up to?” and things like that. I was going into this date, not really sure who to expect. So those few texts, made me a bit more excited to actually spend the evening with him.

I eventually drove to the restaurant and decided to head in when I arrived, while he was still charging his phone in his car. I told the hostess that we had both called ahead, but then I realized that I didn’t know his last name to tell her which name to take off. I would have told her to take my name off, but then I didn’t know which name to tell her that we would be under! So I quickly said I had to go to the bathroom and that I would be back in a bit before she could ask me any more questions. A few minutes later, Mr. Patient walked in and I met him at the door. We got the call ahead seating thing worked out and we waited for about another 25 minutes until we were seated. During our dinner conversation he did an awesome job carrying the conversation, plus he ordered a bloomin’ onion for our appetizer, so he was racking up some points. We both talked a bit about our families. He talked a lot about the things that his father taught him and I thought that was endearing. I could tell he really looked up to his dad and that is a great sign.

He also talked about his friends. It seemed like he had a lot of friends that were female. That doesn’t bother me, since I have several guy friends, but I asked him why he was never interested in dating any of them and he told me they were just not his type. So I asked him, “So, what is your type?” It is always interesting to see how guys answer that, especially because he was sitting across from a girl (that was me, in case that wasn’t clear). I am sure it wasn’t the best question to ask, but I was curious. He said, “Well girls about the same height as me (he was 5’8′) and usually blonde” and then he threw in, “like, you are my type.” Well, thank you Mr. Patient! But I felt badly because I may have forced that compliment. What else was he going to say? I smiled and felt relieved that he didn’t ask me the question back. Plus, I don’t even know if I have a “type.” When you don’t date , you can’t really compare all of the ex-boyfriends, to see if a type emerges.

I know my “type” loves Jesus though. As we were walking into the movie theatres, in a totally different conversation, I did ended up sharing that with him. His response was that he wasn’t perfect. After he said that, there were a few other things I wanted to say. I wanted to tell him that you don’t have to be perfect to love Jesus. If we were perfect, Jesus wouldn’t be needed in our lives at all. Jesus came to save the sinners, those in need of  a Savior. Perfect people don’t need a Savior. So what I really wanted to tell him was that I am glad he isn’t perfect.

But does he strive to know God’s Word a bit better everyday?

Does he give up some of his own desires, because they don’t align with God’s Word?

That, my friends, is what loving Jesus is all about. But I didn’t say any of that, kinda heavy for a first date. I just smiled at him and said, “I am not perfect either” and we walked into the theater.

As we approached the register, I again, offered to pay for the movie, since he paid for dinner. He said that he had it and he opened his wallet right away. These guys are so sweet to not only treat me to dinner, but then pay for a movie as well. Movies are not cheap these days (however, I did get a discount with my student ID from GRAD school – I guess going back to school is worth something). I thanked him then and later again when the night ended.

I really hope that I convey to these guys, how appreciative I am of them paying. I have to admit, it does make a girl feel special. It isn’t about the money (although I will also admit, I couldn’t afford to go out to dinner and a movie every weekend on my budget), but rather it is just a gesture for them to silently say, “I am glad to be on this date with you.” And that is appreciated.

I think I have come to realize I feel the same about guys opening car doors. My dad used to take me out on dates when I was a little girl and he would always open the car door for me and tell me that is what I should expect when I started dating. Well, it has taken awhile, but here I am, dating, and I distinctively remember him saying that. I don’t think I look down on the guys that don’t open car doors, and I know some females would prefer to open their own doors. But to me, it is still a nice gesture on the guys part to take that initiative. I have only actually gotten into the car with about 5 of the guys, Mr. Patient being one of them. Actually, he may have been the only one that didn’t open the car door for me, although I am kinda drawing a blank on a few in that area, now that I try and think back to it.

Towards the beginning of this journey, I never thought to actually get in the car with my date. Not that I didn’t think they were safe, I just felt that if we met somewhere, I would just follow them to the next place. However, for some reason, the past two dates, 12 and 13, have been different. After we first met and then decided to drive to the theatre, both times I initiated the question of, “Should we take separate cars or one?” Both times it was a bit awkward after I asked. I don’t know if they were surprised that I would be willing to get in the car with them after only meeting them that day or what the deal was. Now that I think about it, I am not sure what all of a sudden made me change my way of doing things either. It might have started after dates 7 and 8, since they both picked me up from my house, since I was set up with them by people I actually knew. I guess I have been a bit more brave lately. And yes, I know what you are thinking, I should be careful. I will, I promise.

That makes me think back to date 12, when I got home later than expected. My best friend said to me, we should go over some dating rules for you. “Like, never take anything that they offer you to drink,” she said. I laughed to myself, thinking, “You are telling me this…now… after 12 dates?!” That was all the advice she offered me that night. But I am glad she was able to get the “drink” thing off her chest 🙂

Moving on…however, there isn’t much more to tell. We ended our date with the movie a bit after 11pm and he still had an almost two hour commute back home. So he took me back to Outback’s parking lot, I thanked him, he said it was nice to have met me and that was that.

17 dates and counting down. Until hopefully tomorrow when I post about Sunday’s date.


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