A Cancelled Date 17

Whew, date 17 was some work to get scheduled.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, actually the Sunday that I had my date 16, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That evening, I was responding to a few unanswered emails in my inbox on eharmony but I had been nervous to schedule too many dates in December because of a few things I already had planned and a few assignments I still had to do. So most of my responses included asking the guys if they would be willing to wait until after the holidays in January to go out. However, having a date at least once a weekend was still nice for me because it got me out of the house and a nice break from my studies. There was one guy that caught my attention since he was a teacher too, as well as a football coach. I figured we would have some things in common, so it might be less work to hold conversation. So I told him I was free the upcoming weekend. We decided on Saturday and he asked for my number. I gave it to him and he texted me that night.

But the problem was my mind was on Mr. Knows Just What To Say. I had texted him earlier in the day and did not hear back from him. This was odd because, first of all, usually Mr. KJWTS is the first to text me each day and secondly he always responds to my texts at least within the hour. I knew he had a family function that day, so I thought he was busy with that. But after 5 hours, I couldn’t take it anymore and texted him again, asking him how his day was with his family. This even surprised me. Normally I would not text a guy twice in one day when he doesn’t respond to my first text, but I started to get worried and I couldn’t stop thinking about him, again surprising myself. Hmmm, so this is what it feels like to like someone…his actions (or lack there of, I should say) were controlling my emotions. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

I literally started building up this whole story in my head about how he must have died, what else could explain why he wasn’t texting me back!? Don’t jump to the worst possible situation, geesh. I knew I was being a bit dramatic. Ok, maybe he just forgot his phone, he went to visit family, and forgot his phone at home, yes that had to be it.

Football Coach and I were texting back and forth a few times that evening, when FINALLY at 9:30, two hours after my 2nd text to Mr. KJWTS, he texted me back. It turns out there was a miscommunication between the two of us from the night before which merited his silence. I had been unaware of the problem, but I wanted to solve it because I hated the pit that was forming in my stomach. I devoted my attention to Mr. KJWTS and Football Coach must have noticed my lack of responding and asked if I was busy. I told him I needed a few minutes and then after 10 minutes, when I still hadn’t responded, he said “It looks like you need more than just a few minutes.” Oh man, Football Coach seemed a bit needy. I apologized to him and told him I would talk to him tomorrow.

Mr. KJWTS and I worked out our miscommunication, which made me able to sleep that night. However, as I lay there trying to fall asleep, I remember thinking, I wasn’t sure I liked this whole feeling. My emotions were a roller coaster that day and it was all because of a man not responding to my texts. Was I ready for this? Was I ready to let another human being have so much control over the way that I felt? I wasn’t sure and I fell asleep a bit apprehensive, just when I was started to get comfortable with the idea of liking him.

The next morning, I began the work week with full force. After school that day, I checked my phone and saw that Mr. KJWTS had texted me, so he seemed fine again. Someone who wanted to look at my car (I had put it up for sale that weekend) had called and asked for me to call them back asap. I looked at the clock and realized I had 10 minutes before a meeting and called them back. In the midst of trying to coordinate what time I would be home, so they could come look at my car, I started receiving another call. I switched over and on the other line I heard this very joyful, “Hey!” I then realized it was Football Coach. I had forgotten to program his number in my phone from the day before, which is why I hadn’t recognized the incoming call. I said hey back and then had to explain to him that I was on the other line with potential car buyers and that I had a meeting in less than 5 minutes. He said something along the lines of how I was a very busy girl and I wanted to tell him that was an understatement. I apologized, joked about how he can’t be too needy for my attention and hung up the phone telling him I would text him when I got home. However, when I got home, my car sold. So that was a process in and of itself. I don’t even remember if I texted Football Coach back that night or the next day. I was thinking that I had reached strike three with him. But later on that week he texted me with an intro text of, “Hey Beautiful!” So I was guessing he couldn’t be too mad at me. He said he had forgotten about his nephew’s birthday on Saturday and asked if he could go out on Sunday instead. I told him that was fine and that was that.

I don’t think I heard from him the rest of the week. Finally on Saturday, I texted him and asked if he still wanted to go out the next day. I was debating about whether or not to ask him that or to just let it go, since he wasn’t getting back to me. He didn’t respond, so I was thinking my three strikes finally caught up to him. Then on Sunday, he did respond and this was his response:

“I’m definitely still interested, just stuck at my brother’s still from my nephew’s birthday yesterday.”

I didn’t know what that meant, so I asked him what his thoughts were. What did he mean he was still interested?

He said, “Sometime this week or weekend please, babe?”

Hmmm he called me babe… Does that mean, I don’t have three strikes? Wait, why is he calling me babe?

I texted him back saying that I was free either Thursday evening for dinner or Sunday (meaning today). He didn’t respond and I haven’t heard from him since.

So when I hadn’t heard from him by Friday, I figured Football Coach was out for good. Another guy had been texting me a bit and on Friday night he asked what were my weekend plans. I told him and then explained that I was free on Sunday if he wanted to move our January date up. He said he was free as well and we began texting back and forth some plans. He asked if he could call me and I told him that I was beat from a long week and that I’d prefer to just talk about it the next day. He told me to have a good night, but then sent a text about 2 minutes later and asked if we could talk on the phone for 48 seconds. I smiled and thought, okay, buddy, 48 seconds it is. I figured he had something he needed to tell me in that time. So he called me and the first question was, “So where are you originally from?” Oh no, here we go, the introduction questions. I wanted to save that to our date, because as I told him, I was pretty tired and not feeling the greatest, and talking on the phone to someone I have never met was not high on my to do list for the evening. I responded and we somehow started talking about how he travels a lot and has lived all over the United States. He asked me if I traveled a lot and I paused, thinking, if by travel you mean back and forth from SC to Ohio, then yes. If you mean out of the country, then no. I was ready for the conversation to end because I figured he already thought I was boring. And I was having a hard time convincing him otherwise. I had told him that I was tired and it was only 8:30 on a Friday evening and now I told him that I was not some world traveler. What can I say? I am starting to get pretty good at racking up the strikes. I just didn’t have any energy to care very much though. We talked for 6 minutes, I didn’t think there was such a thing as a 48 second phone call anyway, and then Mr. Well Traveled ended it with me saying we can figure out our plans for Sunday tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and I received a text message from him that he was going to need to postpone our date back to January after all because his mom was sick. For some reason, I was not surprised. I told him that was fine, silently wondering if I was ever going to hear from him again. But then when I woke up today, in the midst of blowing my nose from a nasty cold that had started Friday evening (which explains why I was so tired), I saw a text message from him that said he might be able to get together today after all and was wondering if I had made plans yet.

The ironic thing was that I had. Saturday night when I  was actually feeling pretty good, I had emailed another “January guy.” He said he was having a Christmas party at his house and he would love it if I could be his date for the evening. I actually did want to go, a Christmas party would be a nice change from my previous dates and he lived very close to me.

But waking up at 9am, feeling the way I felt was not a good sign.

date 17 pic

That is what my bed side table looked like.

I went back to bed and woke up several hours later, still not feeling well at all. So I had to text both of them; Mr. Well Traveled and Mr. Christmas Party and tell them both that I was sick and wouldn’t be able to make it. Funny how things work out. Here guys kept cancelling on me, now I had two dates set up and I had to cancel on both of them. I was just not meant to go out on a date this weekend.

But I have been going through blog posts writing withdrawals and so I had to write one today, even though I have not technically been on a date since date 16.

So still 14 dates and counting down. Until next weekend, unless they get cancelled again 🙂


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