Double Date 17

I know that the last post was a whirlwind of information and I was introducing guys right and left, but date 17 actually turned out to be someone I haven’t mentioned yet.

As far as the last post, Football Coach still has never contacted me, so I am pretty darn sure he is out for good. Mr. Well Traveled has texted me short “Good Morning” texts every few days and we are still planning on getting together in January, although no date has actually been set. Same with Christmas Party guy, he texted me on Christmas Day to wish me a “Merry Christmas,” but nothing has been specifically set with him either.

There was another guy I had also planned for January, but a few weekends ago, I sent him this message:

I am just throwing this out there….I have a paper due on Monday, which is the reason I wanted to leave this weekend to do that, but I am almost done with my paper and I can finish it tomorrow mid afternoon. What are you up to tomorrow? The reason I ask is because my best friend and I were looking to do something tomorrow and I thought it would be super fun to have some people over to make cookies or play cards or something. So, first question, are you free and willing to drive here tomorrow? 2nd question, do you have another single guy friend you could bring? and 3rd question, do you like to play cards or games?! I know it is so last minute, so if your answer is no to those questions, no big deal at all, we can stick with January like I originally said. If you are interested and your answer is yes to those questions than you can text me.

I gave him my number and he texted the next day, stating that he just got my email, but he already had plans for the day. He plays on a soccer team, I think through his church, and he had soccer practice that day. He said he loved the idea though and that he would ask around and find a friend for the following weekend, if I was free. I had plans Saturday and Sunday, but told him my Friday night was open. I only had a half day of teaching that day, so planning something for the first evening of my Christmas break sounded fun. I had yet to mention anything to my best friend yet though. I was hoping she was free as well.

A few days later, he texted me and told me that his friend, who also happened to be his worship leader at church, was willing to join us on this double date, if I still wanted to try and make it happen. I did and I was excited! My first double date of the 30!

I finally told my best friend about the idea and she was up for it as well, so we all set a time and planned to make cookies and play cards at my house, like my original email stated. I felt safe inviting them over to my house because of some of the emails we had sent back and forth and if anyone is safe, I assumed it would be a worship leader. If you are gonna lie about your profession, I doubted being a worship pastor would be something you would lie about. I also later found out, my date was a Police Office. So we were in good hands.

The last week of school before Christmas break is a long one for teachers, can I get an amen?! So by time Friday rolled around, I was not in the mood to figure out how to make sugar cookie cut outs from scratch. We decided to cheat and bought already made sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury. Pillsbury doesn’t usually let me down, it’s how I make my chocolate chip cookies too and my students always think I am the best baker in the world. A few years ago, after eating one of my chocolate chip cookies one of my students said, “I don’t know why you’re not married yet.” I turned and asked him where that came from (hoping maybe he would say something about my glittering personality, charming looks or fashionable outfits) and he said, “These are the best cookies I have ever eaten, better than my mom’s!” I told him that I don’t go around to single guys, offering them cookies and he said, “well you should.”

There you have it folks – dating advice from an 8th grader.

pillsbury doughboy

So as I was saying..I bought the pre-made sugar cookie dough to make cut out Christmas cookies. I even had to borrow the cookie cutters from a friend. And to keep the trend we bought already made vanilla icing and planned on just using food coloring to make the different colors. And yes, I borrowed the food coloring too 🙂 Ain’t nobody got time to bake when going on 30 dates!

After a half day of working, cleaning the house, grocery shopping and napping, I set out a few snacks and we were ready for our double date.

date 17 double date picI was very excited to be able to go out on a date and spend the evening with my best friend all in one night. Even though we live together, I had missed her.

They arrived a bit before 8pm and I invited them in and introduced them to my best friend. Worship Leader walked in and commented about how our house looked a lot like “Christmas” inside and Police Officer commented several times that night how he was impressed with my decorating skills. What great guys they were. I was looking forward to spending an evening with them.

We started off the night with sitting in my living room and catching each other up on our life history and growing up years in 25 minutes time. We found out that Worship Leader also lived in Ohio for most of his life and Police Officer was originally from California.

After our confession of the pre-made dough and frosting, we got down to business with making the cookies. It was a bit tricky to roll out the dough, because as you might have guessed, I didn’t have a rolling pin. Police Officer showed off his intelligence by asking to use a drinking glass. As he smothered the glass in flour, Worship Leader showed off his humor as he failed over and over again at each cut out he attempted. As I was sitting at the table trying to figure out how to cut out the cookies with the guys and my best friend was a few feet away mixing the food colored frosting, while making a few comments about our lack of cookie skills, I remember thinking, “I am having fun.” I felt like I was back in high school and college when we actually had guy friends to hang out with.

We eventually figured out the trick to making cut outs from Pillsbury dough, by using lots of added flour and then put them in the oven to bake. From there we split up a bit. Police Officer and I went in the living room and he asked me what number he was in regards to my 30 dates. I hesitantly told him and we talked about that for a bit. He seemed cool with it though, most guys that actually choose to take me out, are cool with it, or else they wouldn’t have gone out with me in the first place.

Eventually we took the cookies out of the oven to cool and my best friend came up with the idea of teaching them how to play the card game, Euchre. Police Officer caught on quickly because he knew how to play Spades. However, despite living in Ohio for some time, Worship Leader seemed to struggle almost just as much as cutting out cookies. What he lacked in baking and card skills, he certainly made up in his quick wit and the ability to make us laugh. He was very funny and almost every single thing he said made me laugh, which is a rare thing.

Next we moved on to frosting the cookies, which was another ordeal as well, but we tried our best and improvised with plastic baggies as the “frosters” (I don’t even know the term for it). By the end of the night, my cheeks were literally hurting from laughing, but I couldn’t stop. It was so much fun to be in the comforts of my best friend and the guys’ personalities shined as they interacted with each other. Maybe all first dates should be double dates. However, I must admit, it was hard to get one on one time to really see if any chemistry existed.

We ended the night with Worship Leader playing a song on my best friend’s guitar (which she doesn’t play, but owns anyway – a story for another time) as we began to clean up the kitchen. After the song was over and the kitchen cleaned, we moved into the living room and ended the night talking until around midnight. Police Officer said that we should do it again sometime and we all agreed. They hugged us and then left. It is actually kind of sad they live about an hour and a half away, because they told us they have a group of friends from their church that they hang out with on a pretty regular basis. After meeting them, I wished I could be a part of that group. They were missing an “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” that night to hang out with us, which Police Officer explained he didn’t mind because he didn’t own an ugly Christmas sweater. I was very thankful for him. Not only for being willing to be my date 17, but to go with my idea of inviting a friend and making it a double date, and then to miss a party with his friends and drive over an hour to my house.

As great as the night was, in all honesty, I don’t see any romantic connection happening between any of us, but they are great guys to hang out with and it is evident they both love the Lord. It was refreshing to be around them, to laugh more than I have in awhile, and to be completely comfortable with each other, as we all made fun of our lack of baking and frosting skills. I am not sure if there will really be a next time or not, in regards to Police Officer’s comment about “doing this again sometime.” But regardless, date 17 will go down as one of my favorites.

13 dates and counting down. Until tomorrow, when I write the next post.


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