January’s date – number 21

January was a rough month when it came to dates. I spent the first weekends of the month finishing a GRAD school paper that I saved until pretty much the last minute and then spent Martin Luther King weekend in bed for nearly four straight days. I had to cancel two dates that weekend and was starting to feel a bit nervous about getting in these last 10 dates. However, after this date 21, I have 9 more dates and I just so happen to have 9 more weekends until my birthday, so I am still okay, as long as all this sickness starts to stay the heck away from me.

I had this date planned with Mr. Knows Just What To Say since our last date. So even though I had cancelled two dates the weekend prior and I was still not feeling my 100% best, there was no way I was going to cancel this date with him. I had been looking forward to it for …oh…about the entire month. He texted me a few days prior to our date and asked me to rate how I was feeling based on a percentage. I answered him with 73% and he asked if I was still willing to drive to see him on Saturday. I replied right away with a simple affirming  – yes. He texted back and said “I love that you have no hesitations about coming to visit me because A) I really miss you and B) that means you are very comfortable being with me if you still want to be around me when you are only feeling 73%.” He was right, I did feel comfortable around him and I missed him too. I told him that the question was whether he wanted to be around ME when I was only feeling 73%. He answered with “I would still want to be with you and take care of you even if you were only at 7.3%.”

He has a way of making me feel taken care of even from almost two hours away. I hate that by the way, how far he lives, I mean. It makes our dates very spread out. But then again, the time periods that we go without seeing each other makes each date with him more exciting. And I usually don’t get excited about too many things…

Leading up to our date on Saturday, he said he had somewhere in mind where he wanted to take me, but I needed to get to his house no later than 2pm because the place closed around 4. I was trying to shoot for 2, but the night before I was exhausted from working a week when I was only 73%. I knew I needed Saturday morning to sleep in (which is my favorite thing to do) and then I had several errands to run since nothing got accomplished after work hours that week. So on Friday night, I texted him and asked him how mad he would be if I didn’t make it to his house by 2 after all. His response was perfect and exactly what I needed to hear after a stressful week – are you surprised? He said “No worries, I want you to get plenty of sleep and if you don’t get here in time, we will just do something else. Seriously, I want you rested, so don’t rush at all.”

By the time I was ready to leave my house, I knew I wouldn’t get to his house until a bit after 4. I felt badly that I was going to be almost 2 hours late and asked him right before I left if he was mad that it was going to be so much later than planned. Again, he wrote back and told me not to rush. His exact response was, “I treasure ANY time I get to spend with you and I know that I am never guaranteed even another minute with you.” I was very relieved at his answer, but his cute little texts were making me wish I had a whole stinkin’ week to spend with the guy!

I got in the car and headed his way, mad at myself for cutting out two hours of spending time with him. But I was excited for my date 21, my 8th date with MR. KJWTS! I even remembered to get a picture this time!

date 21 pic

On the drive to his house, feeling maybe about 81% health wise, I started wondering what we were going to do since I ruined whatever his other plan was. Part of me secretly wished he would pick dinner up again (like he did on our date 3) and we could eat “in” and relax on the couch and catch up on our last month apart. But I didn’t want him to think I was boring, so I wasn’t going to suggest it. My best friend always tells me that I am going to need to find another “homebody” like myself for compatibility. I can’t say I disagree.

When I got there, he was just pulling up from running errands himself. He got out of his car and through several coughs on my part (still trying to get over that bronchitis), I apologized for being late and then for coughing. He hugged me and as we went inside, through more coughing, I began mumbling about how I didn’t think I was contagious so he didn’t have anything to worry about. He smiled and kissed my forehead and told me he missed me.

After catching up a bit, I asked what he wanted to do since I ruined his first plan. He told me that he was thinking we could just stay in for the night and he could go pick up some Japanese food like he did last time and we could just relax and watch TV on the couch, since I still wasn’t feeling the greatest. I secretly wanted to ask him if there was a little messenger that told him secrets about what I was thinking. How else could he keep doing things so… right? But instead I just told him that his plan sounded perfect.

After we finished eating, he told me about a “guys weekend” he had a few weekends ago. During that weekend, he told his friends about me and the 30 dates adventure and blogging. He told me that his friends searched my name and found this blog. I had previously asked Mr. KJWTS to not search for my blog, because I didn’t want him to read my posts about other dates and I liked reading my posts about our dates to him. He said he wouldn’t. But after his friends found my blog (I am not sure if or how many posts they read), I figured he might have read some posts too. When I asked him, he said he didn’t. So he asked me if I was going to read him our date 6. I had read him our first 4 dates previously and he wrote half of date 5’s post, so he just hadn’t heard dates 6 and 7 yet. I told him I would and then ended up reading him my “Just a Kiss” blog post and our date 7 blog post as well. It’s always fun reading him the posts because he learns more about what goes on in my head and he usually ends up smiling the whole time.

Later we started to take down his Christmas tree and finished the night watching television. The date was not too exciting and most people would probably find it boring. He actually told me, “good luck with writing this blog post.” I laughed and had been wondering what I would write about, but to me, the date was perfect. Sure, there will be times that I hope our dates are like real date dates and we go out somewhere, but for right now I like that I can be with him and do pretty much “nothing” and still have a good time. That’s a good sign folks.

One point he got up to get me a drink and came back and asked if I needed anything else. I told him that I needed him to stop time because I waited too long to be on this date with him and now it was coming to an end. He said he would if he could, but all he could do is turn his clocks back himself. I was half tempted to make him do it, although we would only be fooling ourselves. So reality set in and I got ready to leave.

Eventually I left his house to make the trek back home. He walked me out and we hugged goodbye. I told him I would see him in a few weeks and he rolled his eyes at the frustration of another three weeks going by until our next date. We are both busy the next two weekends. I laughed because I felt the same way. I got into my car and he leaned in and kissed my forehead and said, “Goodnight Beautiful.”

As I drove home, he texted me and told me that he missed me already. I knew what he meant, because I missed him too. My own feelings have been surprising myself lately. On my drive home I began thinking about what a blessing it was to like a guy and to know without a shadow of a doubt he likes you back. When that happens, it pretty much feels like a miracle taking place, I know because I have spent a decade wondering what it would feel like. As always, I know that feelings are free agents and dating is anything but secure. The journey is still a bit scary but in a fun sort of way.

9 dates and counting down. On to the single digits!


3 thoughts on “January’s date – number 21

  1. Frew says:

    Okay honestly this is the first 1 of these I’ve read. Its pretty cool I must admit. It reminds me of the movie Never Been Kissed. The story of your life. Your a great girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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