3 Weekends In A Row – Date 26

Date 26 was with Mr. Knows Just What To Say, it took place last weekend. However, because of a very busy week, I have not had the chance to write about it.

So it was now our 12th date together, but not only that, it was the 3rd weekend in a row that we saw each other. “Remember when we used to go more than 20 days in between seeing each other?” he asked this time. “Yes,” I said, “I can’t imagine doing that now. I could handle it then because that was before I liked you this much.” He smiled. I remember watching my friends date and wondering why in the heck they wanted to spend every weekend with their boyfriend. I would wonder, “Don’t you need a break after awhile?” or maybe I did actually ask them that out loud. I distinctively remember talking to one of my best guy friends from high school this past summer about how often he talked with his out of town girlfriend, now fiancĂ©. “You talk with her every single day!?” He smiled and nodded. Now I know why he smiled. Mr. KJWTS and I have texted every single day since the very first text was sent, even before our first date. I didn’t know I could find a man that I didn’t get tired of being with after awhile. Sounds horrible to actually type, but it was true. I really thought after about 5 or so dates with Mr. KJWTS, I would be ready to move on. But that never happened. I guess that is what happens when you actually find someone you want to date. Hmmm who knew?!

Back in September when I first met Mr. KJWTS, there was something special about him, something that caught my attention, which is the reason that I agreed to a second date with him in October. However, I would never have guessed that I would have wanted to see him three weekends in a row – now that is a bit crazy. And not only that, but I miss him in between weekends. I look forward to the weekends way more now and get very excited leaving school on Friday evenings. The only bad thing is, it makes the weekend ending that much more dreadful. The weekends go by much quicker and the Sunday night pit in the stomach has just multiplied by two.

The cute thing is, he feels it too. It was Saturday night and Mr. KJWTS said, “I am already dreading tomorrow because I will have to leave and it feels like I just got here.” He had just gotten here. My Friday evening was spent mostly at school as I led a club until 5:00 and then spent another two hours creating some lessons for the following Monday. At 7:00, I was not finished, but left anyway because it was time to get the weekend started and I knew I had to go grocery shopping to get some food in my house. We knew that I would be getting home later than normal that night, so his plan was to come on Saturday. “What is the earliest you would want me to come?” he asked the day before. I answered him with around noon. So I was expecting him for lunch. Friday night, while I was shopping, I picked up some lunch meat and bread for sandwiches and then bought a few ingredients for dinner meals, just in case we stayed in and cooked this weekend. When I was at his house a few dates back, he had some particular cheese slices that I loved. I looked for it in the particular section and could not find it. This was the second grocery store I had looked in throughout the past few weeks. Oh well, I bought another kind instead, drove home, unloaded the groceries and went to bed ready for Saturday to begin,

It was 11:45 am on Saturday and Mr. KJWTS texted and said he was almost at my house. He asked if he should just drive around until noon and I answered him with “of course not!” It was considerate of him to ask though. I had told him noon and he was going to make sure he listened. He always takes the things I say into consideration. Not only does he know what to say most of the time, but he knows how to listen. And this is a relief after spending days with middle schoolers who don’t always have the same skill.

When he arrived, he handed me a grocery bag and said he came bearing gifts. When I looked inside the grocery bag, it was the cheese that I had just been looking for the night before at the grocery store. See what I mean when I say there has to be a little messenger letting him in on my inner workings and thoughts going on in my head. I haven’t thought of any other explanation.

I made some sandwiches for lunch and then we talked about what we were going to do for the day. My days revolve around my meals, so even though we hadn’t even finished lunch yet, I brought up the topic of dinner. We went back and forth on whether to cook dinner at home or go out.  After deciding to go to a movie after cooking dinner at home, I put some meat in the crock pot and realized I forgot an ingredient at the store. When I told him I was going to run to the store, he said he would come with me and we took his car instead. A task of running to the store when I had just been there the night before would have seemed daunting and a waste of time in any other circumstance, but it wasn’t so bad now that Mr. KJWTS was by my side. On the way there, we changed our plans and decided that it made more sense to go out to dinner before the movie, so we wouldn’t be rushed cooking at home. We had been trying to make it to a movie several times before, so we didn’t want anything to stand in our way this time. So I saved the crockpot dinner for Sunday instead.

The night ended up being a fun little date night for us with dinner and a movie. Sometime that evening, he kissed the side of my face and then kissed me again closer to my lips. The closer he would get to my lips, the more I felt I would tense up. Not because I wasn’t ready to kiss him, just because it was a big deal to me. After another kiss, pretty darn close to my lips, he backed away a little bit and looked at me and said, “I want to kiss you so badly, but you are so close to turning 30, I think we should wait.” He went on to say that I had waited 29 years to kiss, so he thought it would be cool for me to say that I waited until the age of 30. I appreciated that his decision was because he was thinking about me, even though I hadn’t set a specific time myself about when it would be the right time for us to kiss. I liked that he decided for us. Afterwards he dropped me back off at my house and after another close to the lips kiss, he headed to the hotel for the night and I went to bed feeling happy and very respected.

the longer the waiting pic - number 2 for date 26

I understand that kissing versus not kissing is not what determines respect in a relationship. Well I mean, I guess it can – but not always. I am not saying that if we kissed on our first couple of dates, that would have meant he didn’t respect me. I realize that the length of time you wait to kiss does not equate to the amount of respect one has for the other. However, his decision to think about me before his own desires, is what made me feel so very respected. His self control was admirable. He let me know that he did in fact desire to kiss me and he lets me know often that he thinks I am beautiful. Therefore I don’t have to wonder if our lack of kissing means that he is not attracted to me. He makes it clear that he is. Every single night our texting conversations end with “Good Night Beautiful.” A woman needs to know that the man she is with thinks she is beautiful and she needs to hear that often. So not only does he make me feel beautiful, but he makes me feel respected. Now do you know why I wanted to see him three weekends in a row?

The next morning he came back over for breakfast and then we went to church together. Later that evening, I warmed up the meat in the oven from the crock pot the day before and then prepared the rest of the meal. He would come into the kitchen and stop my flow every once and awhile to wrap his arms around me as I would go from the stove to the fridge to the sink. He would laugh and tell me that he enjoys annoying me like that. I would look at him and smile, thinking that if it would have been any other person, he would have been right, I would have been annoyed. But because it was him, I didn’t feel the least bit annoyed. I don’t think I told him that though, instead I just kept right on cooking.

After dinner we decided he would leave by 8pm, so he could get home at a decent time for a Sunday night. At 7:50, I looked at him and asked him to stay until 8:30. He agreed and we spent the last 40 minutes on the couch watching TV together and setting plans to see each other the next weekend as well. This would be 4 weekends in a row, in case I needed to remind anyone. And then around 8:30, we both groaned and he got up to leave.

weekend pic for date 26

Only 4 more dates and counting down. I cannot believe it. This weekend is date 27 and I am hoping for a less hectic week to be able to blog about it before next weekend actually gets here.


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