Surprise Date 29

It was the beginning of March on a weekday when Mr. Knows Just What To Say texted me out of the blue and asked if I had girls’ club after school on March 27th. I lead a club every other Friday after school for middle school girls. We discuss things such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, modesty and just all around teen girl issues. I responded with the fact that I did and was inquiring why he wanted to know. He asked if I would be able to move it to a different Friday or if a co-worker could cover for me and then proceeded to ask if I could take off work that day too. He said something along the lines of “planning something for my birthday.” As soon as I saw that, a smile crept to my face and I was very impressed that he was already thinking of my birthday, almost a month ahead of time.

After a day to think about it, I asked one of my co-workers to cover girls’ club, but I told him it probably wouldn’t be wise for me to take off work. “Can’t we do whatever you are planning on Saturday instead of Friday?” I asked him. “Not really,” he replied. So after another couple of days went by, he was successful in convincing me to take off work.

The weekend prior to my birthday weekend, on my date 28, I asked Mr. KJWTS, what time he was coming to my house on Friday. He looked at me and then hesitantly said 5:00 and that he wished it was sooner, but something came up. In my head, I was confused about why I was still taking off work and he probably knew that, so he added on, “The real reason I wanted you to take off work is so that you had a chance to sleep in, because it is probably going to be a late night on Friday.” I understood and thought to myself, “This guy really knows me.” No matter what he had planned, if I worked that day and our night went past 9:00 pm, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much because I would be so tired. I didn’t ask anymore questions because I didn’t want to ruin his surprise, but I spent the majority of that week wondering what he would have planned on a Friday night where we would be up so late.

When Friday finally got here, it was really wonderful to be able to sleep in and I considered this a great start to my birthday weekend. I walked out of my room and saw a note on the fridge in my best friend’s handwriting.

message date 29

I was a little scared walking into that closet, imagining Mr. KJWTS himself popping out of there. I told my dog to go ahead of me, so she could check for me and warn me if I needed to go put on some make-up first. As I slowly rounded the corner, I realized that there were 30 balloons in the closet!

balloons date 29

That was the surprise from my best friend, but I then realized it was going to a long day, if I was on such edge like this. I also decided that I better just get in the shower and get ready for the day, so I would be ready in case Mr. KJWTS did show up earlier than his pronounced 5:00 time from the previous weekend.

Around noon, Mr. KJWTS texted me and told me that he hoped I had slept in and that he would give me further information in about an hour. I made some lunch for myself and began watching a bit of TV before doing my hair.

Then my parents came over.

My mom walked in with a slight smirk on her face and said, “Okay, so we have to tell you something.”

Tell me what?” I thought to myself. How did they know about Mr. KJWTS‘ surprise for me?”

My mom began telling me her whole plan (see previous blog post) and all I could think about was the fact that Mr. KJWTS did not really have a surprise for me tonight after all. I let that sink in and while trying to push past the disappointment, I began actually listening to her again. That was when she was saying that Nathan had missed his flight, but surprisingly found another one. He later told me that in order to get another flight, he had to tell the lady at the counter my whole 30 dates story and how he was planning to be my date 29. She thought it was an awesome story and said that she wouldn’t have tried so hard to find another flight if it weren’t for all of the background information he gave her. I thought that was cute. However, now Nathan wouldn’t get here until 7:30 instead of the originally planned 5.

Nathan was flying in from California just for my birthday. I began to get really excited. I felt honored and so very special. I remembered calling him at the beginning of my 30 dates back in August to get a male perspective and he told me it sounded like a great idea and he thought it would really push me past my comfort zone. Then he mentioned that he wanted to be one of my 30 dates. I had laughed at the time, thinking that would not be possible. But now, it was – Nathan would be my date 29!

My parents didn’t want to to tell me, but because of Nathan getting in later than expected, they realized they had no choice. My dad said that it would not be a good idea to make me wait from 5:00 until 7:30, waiting on – who I thought – was Mr. KJWTS. I don’t think I would have been a happy camper, if Mr. KJWTS texted me and changed it to 7:30 after taking the whole day off. My mom explained that Mr. KJWTS would come in the following day and then take me out on date 30 for my actual birthday on Sunday.

I was going to have my 30th date on my actual 30th birthday, things could not have fallen together more perfectly. Then I realized, they didn’t just “fall together,” God planned it exactly like it was happening. God, the Creator of the Universe, actually cared about me and my 30 dates. I believed that with my whole heart.

It was so good to see Nathan when he finally arrived a bit after 7:30. It has been a couple of years since we have gotten to see each other. Nathan was one of my best guy friends in high school and still is to this day. He has been such a constant encouragement in my life and even when we go months without talking, a phone conversation with him is always easy. We seem to always just pick right back up where we left off. That is a sign of a great friendship. When I lost my grandmother back in August, I went through a very sad time in my life. One night, I couldn’t stop crying and I almost felt like I was having a panic attack. It was around midnight, so I thought I would just have to get through it by myself, and I was not doing such a good job. Soon Nathan came to mind and I texted him and asked what he was doing. I don’t know what he was doing, but I do know that whatever it was, he stopped and immediately called me. He listened to me cry, he helped get my breathing back on track and then he proceeded to listen and talk with me late into the night, until I was calm enough to fall asleep. What a treasure Nathan’s friendship is to me.

Even though Nathan and I might have had some kind of feelings for each other back when we were in high school, I just always found it so much better to be friends with guys. Relationships in high school cause drama, heart break and many times lead to temptations that two high schoolers just are not ready for. I avoided the dating scene and preferred to develop deep friendships instead. That way, there was never a break up, never a heart broken and we could remain friends for many years, without any awkward instances of running into one another. I didn’t date, but I was not lonely. I credit that to the awesome guys that God allowed to enter into my life during my high school and college days. I don’t think I experienced true loneliness until I moved away from my home town, away from my high school and college friends and realized how much more difficult it was to make friends when you became an adult.

So, needless to say, Nathan’s friendship is something I don’t take for granted and I opened the door with a huge smile, excited to be able to spend my date 29 with him.

After he changed his clothes from traveling, we headed out to eat, although I didn’t know where we were going. He had it planned. When we pulled up to the restaurant, I immediately knew where we were and I told him that this was one of my favorite restaurants and he said, “Yeah, I know, I got some help.”

When we entered the restaurant, we had to go up a flight of stairs and he told me he would stand behind me in case I fell, I was wearing heels after all. That was cute of him to even think about that. After we were seated, he asked what I was drinking and I told him that I usually am fine with just water. “I can’t drink by myself,” he said. I am not a fan of wine, but I have tasted champagne and I liked that a lot better, so that is what I told him. He said he was going to order a bottle of moscato, since that would be sweet. I said that sounded good, but then inquired about the price. “Don’t worry about that,” he said almost immediately, “It doesn’t matter.”

We spent the rest of the meal catching up. Of course, there was a lot of talk in there about my 30 dates and Mr. KJWTS. Nathan was going to get the chance to meet Mr. KJWTS the following day, so I was looking forward to introducing them both to each other. After dinner, we even shared a dessert, which is a rarity for me because usually I am so full from my meal. But this was the start to my birthday weekend, Nathan told me, so why not squeeze a bit of dessert in there.

One of the things that I love about Nathan is that he makes me laugh. A lot. Actually he makes most people laugh. And he has this knack of making you feel so very comfortable in his presence. So much so, that we usually like to sing at the top of our lungs together in the car. I videotaped of course. Here are some screen shots of this lovely time.

singing pic 1 -date 29

singing pic 2 - date 29

singing pic 3 - date 29

When we got home, we talked for about another hour before heading to bed. During that time, I told him we should have gotten a picture together at the restaurant. It slipped my mind while we were there. “So let’s get one now,” I suggested. “Good idea,” Nathan said, “Because this is probably the best I will look all weekend anyway.”

So here we are around midnight, I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed because of the fact I got to sleep in that day. Okay, not really, I was fading fast by midnight, but at least I had stayed up to see midnight.

nathan and i on date 29

What a fun night. And the fun was just beginning, this was just the start to my birthday weekend. I was told that Mr. KJWTS would be arriving the next day around noon.

So here we are… 1 date…1 date! (ahhh, can you believe it?!)… and counting down.


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