The Final Date – Number 30

My 30th date took place the day of my 30th birthday, which was at the end of March. I just have not had a few hours to myself since last posting about my date 29 because of a busy schedule and traveling. Sorry for the delay. But thanks for staying interested and following me to the end ūüôā

I woke up on the day of my birthday feeling beyond blessed. I went into this journey dreading turning 30, but along the way I came to embrace it. There was a bit of anticipation going into this date, knowing it was my final date, but I had been looking forward to it for quite some time.

The morning of my birthday, I woke up to another sweet note from my best friend on the refrigerator and 30 Hershey’s Candy bars on my kitchen table.

fridge msg date 30                   hersheys date 30

Ready or not, I was turning 30 years old. What a beautiful road I traveled leading up to it all.

About a month ago I was in a cute little boutique in the town I live in and met the owners. After telling them about my 30 dates journey, they became excited for my date 30 as well Рso much so Рthat they offered to dress me for the occasion! So about a week prior to my birthday, I spent one evening trying on many different outfits in their store. Everything that the store owners picked out for me to try on, I absolutely loved! I had to stop myself from buying several outfits and stay disciplined to choose just one to wear for my date 30. Because of the constant change of weather, I could not bank on a warm day at the end of March. Therefore I decided to set aside the sleeveless dresses and tops and focus on some tops with sleeves. After much debate and help from my mom and the owners, I decided on a beautiful light tan crochet-fringed top. I knew this top would very easily rank as my new favorite item in my closet. The owners accessorized it with an adorable white watch with a pop of color and a long key shaped necklace. After all, I would be wearing this outfit with Mr. Knows Just What To Say and he was beginning to enter into parts of my heart that have been locked up for over a decade, a key necklace seemed quite fitting for this special final date.

The great thing about this boutique is that they travel and you can also purchase their clothes online. They are beginning their traveling season now. To find out more information about them and the traveling boutique, along with their fashionable clothes for women of all ages, view their website at They even featured my 30 dates journey in one of their blog posts! I could not be more grateful to them for giving me such a fun evening of trying on clothes and then getting to take home my favorite items.

Here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore given to me from Gypsy Chic along with the birthday balloons from my best friend.

date 30 balloon pic

date 30 balloon pic 2

Mr. Knows Just What To Say (I call him my favorite, but we all knew that after the second date with him, I am sure) arrived to my house shortly after I got ready for the day. The 2 of us, plus my best friend and Nathan (see date 29 blog post), drove over to my parents house for brunch. I spent the morning around the table filled with some of my favorite people.

After brunch, I was told to head downstairs. Mr. KJWTS and I walked down first. After getting downstairs in my parents basement, I noticed his gift to me right away – it was a hammock swing! He had it delivered to my parents’ house a few days prior. Mr. KJWTS knew my love for swings,¬†for I had mentioned it to him on¬†a date prior that I always wanted a hammock. So as to not take up the entire space on my back porch, he got the idea of a hammock swing and I absolutely¬†loved it!

gift from Mr. KJWTS date 30

I hugged him and told him thank you and that it was a perfect gift for me. Shortly after, my parents came downstairs and directed me to their garage area where I received another gift too large to be wrapped. It was a beautiful credenza that perfectly matched my living room furniture, specifically bought to hold all of the Precious Moments figurines that my grandma left to me.

gift from parents date 30

It was exactly what I needed.

After we all said our goodbyes at my parents house, the four of us piled back in Mr. KJWTS’ car and went back to my house. Nathan was going to leave shortly, so we spent his last few minutes talking in my living room.

During that time, I began trying to take some pictures of the accessories I wore with my outfit that day, but was having a hard time doing so.

As I was finagling my phone to get the perfect angle of my wrist, Mr. KJWTS noticed I was having some trouble and immediately came to my side to take over. He positioned my wrist for the picture and took several pictures, making sure he got my approval after each one.

gypsy chic outfit date 30

I thought it was endearing and I remember looking at him while he was so intently focused on taking the pictures,¬†thinking how blessed I was to meet such a caring man. He had a way of taking care of me, even when I didn’t really realize I needed taken care of.

While we were finishing up taking the pictures, Nathan noticed some bugs in my house. As he pointed them out, my best friend and I shrieked and Mr. KJWTS got up and immediately took on the role as bug terminator. I gladly let him. After Nathan left, my best friend graciously volunteered to clean up any bug spray remains and told Mr. KJWTS we should go start our date.

So we did just that. He told me that I might want to grab a jacket, because although it was a lovely sunny day, it was still a bit chilly. I grabbed a coat from the closet and began to try and unzip the attached hood that I didn’t need for our outing. Mr. KJWTS again sensed my struggle and came over to help me. As he did that, I felt the familiar sense of appreciation and I turned to him and said, “You just did three things in the last hour that has made me like you more.” He looked at my questioningly and¬†I explained to him what I meant. Photographing my accessories, killing bugs and taking off the hood of my coat,¬†may seem like trivial things, but they showed his servant heart and that is not necessarily common in all men. I wanted him to know that I noticed and even more so, that¬†I appreciated it. And while I know that I put way more detail into these blog posts, than most people need, I felt that including those acts really encapsulated some of the many reasons that I am falling for this guy.

As we were driving, he asked if I knew where we were going. I had an idea, but I kept it to myself, just in case I was wrong. Surprisingly, I was right. He took us to the same river walk that we went to at the end of our first date back in September. We started our time there sitting on the same concrete steps overlooking the river. It was fun to think back to our first date, when we barely even knew each other and how far we have come since then. I guess 15 dates will do that to ya.

15 dates.

I would never have imagined on my date 3, that I would spend exactly half of my 30 dates with this man. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

As we were sitting on a bench overlooking the river, I began to think that 30 isn’t so bad after all. Although, I still had about one more hour of being 29. My mom had mentioned at brunch that my exact birth time was at 3:42 pm, so there I sat with one more hour to enjoy being in my 20s.

After we left the riverwalk, we went back to my house and had a bit of time to spare before we had to start getting ready for part two of our date. As we were passing the time, Mr. KJWTS began to rub my shoulders a bit and then turned to me and leaned in. He has gotten pretty close to my face before and has kissed me on my cheeks more times than I can count. But I knew something was different and I closed my eyes before I could really register my thoughts.

And then it happened.

The kiss.

I was expecting it, but then again I wasn’t. I had spent years wondering what my first kiss would be like, but in all honesty, I could never quite picture it happening. So it didn’t matter that I was sort of expecting a kiss on our date 30, it was¬†still¬†an enchanting¬†and special moment for me. To be honest, and this might sound clich√©, but I almost felt¬†like it wasn’t me – I felt¬†like the real me was just watching this fairy tale being played out as an amazing man was gently¬†kissing a girl that he had wanted to for so many months.¬†In¬†some ways it was even better than a fairy tale, for this¬†was real life…and it was my life!¬†How crazy is that!!

Now going back to the kiss, I was a bit surprised that I was not nervous. That is one of the reasons I like him so much. He makes me feel so very comfortable.

After¬†he kissed me, he whispered, “Thanks for letting me be the first to do that.”¬†I told him, “I am sorry that I have not¬†had much practice.” He smiled and said, “I would never have known” and then I think he kissed me again, but I can’t be totally sure. Honestly, it is all kind of a blur now. But a wonderful blur at that.

Later on, Mr. KJWTS pointed out that he thought our first kiss happened right around the time of my actual birthday time¬†of 3:42. We can’t be sure, but we knew it happened between 3:30 and 4:15. I thought it was so cute that he remembered the actual time that my mom had mentioned earlier in the day.¬†He said that he had not planned for that; for¬†it was just a moment he could no longer¬†pass.¬†And it was exactly what¬†I wanted.

I wanted my first kiss to be at a time when I was sure that I was ready, when I felt totally comfortable. I wanted my first kiss to be with a man I trusted to hold a little piece of my heart. It wasn’t because I felt it was something I needed to do or because I thought I owed it to him. I didn’t feel forced or rushed. It wasn’t because it was after a certain amount of dates or because it was just the thing to do during a¬†goodbye. It happened because we both care for one another very much and were both willing¬†to wait until the right time. And I can promise you this much, neither one of us regret waiting. For this was a very special moment for us at the most perfect time.

Sometime after 4, I walked myself to my bedroom to begin getting ready for dinner. He told me to dress up and I gladly obliged. I enjoy dressing up and it is even better to do so for a man that has caught my interest. When I walked out of my room in a dress with newly applied make-up and curled hair, I was surprised that he came out in a suit. He said that was my next surprise and I told him he looked great.

He took me to a very nice restaurant that is known for their steaks. He knew that a good steak is one of my favorite foods, however, I had never been to this particular restaurant before. I had always wanted to go, but never did because of the price. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was beautiful and as we sat there I figured we were somewhere close to cloud nine.

While we were driving home, at a stop light, Mr. KJWTS turned to me and pulled me close to him. I am used to him doing this and just like¬†times in the past, I leaned the side of my face towards him. Normally he would kiss my temple or my cheek, however, this time, with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, he said to me, “I don’t get your lips?”

Somewhat blushing I replied, “Oh yeah, I forgot¬†we kiss now.”¬† I laughed and told him that I still had a lot to learn.

Then at the next stop light, he turned to me and said, “Let’s try this again.” Smooth move Mr. KJWTS – smooth move. He pulled over to get gas and before getting out, turned to me and said, “You don’t know how many times I wanted to kiss you at dinner.” Before I could respond, he smiled again and stepped out of his car.

When we got home, I told him I wanted to tell him something and I walked over to him and he took my hands in his. I told him that even though he already knew that he was my favorite, I wanted him to know that I was choosing him without a doubt. And as a symbolism, I turned around and grabbed a rose boutonniere from my table and asked him, “Would you accept this rose?” He laughed and said yes.¬†I then pinned it on him.

So because of this being my 30th date and because I made you wait so long for this post, I figured I would include a picture of us.

Here he is, my friends. Here is my favorite guy, here is Mr. Knows Just What To Say.

date 30 final picture

I had such a great birthday. I had such a great final 30th date.

Before I went to bed that night, I pulled out the birthday card that Mr. KJWTS had given me at brunch earlier that morning and re-read it a couple of times. His note written inside said the following:

Thirty is an age that signifies maturity and often the beginning of a new life. Jesus, John the Baptist, Joseph and King David all began their God-appointed callings at age 30. I’m not saying you’re going to change careers, but I do know God has prepared you for this moment in time to do something great, and we are all waiting anxiously to see how God uses you from here!

What a beautiful journey this has been with you. It was nothing less than an honor and blessing to be your 3rd and 30th dates…and 13 other dates in between. I have loved watching you grow and learn through all our time together. And I’m looking forward to our many “un-numbered” dates ahead.

Happy 30th Birthday!

Love, Your Favorite (Mr. Knows Just What To Say)

“Same to you Mr. KJWTS, same to you.” I cannot wait for our many “un-numbered” dates as well.

And there you have it, the closing of a¬†chapter¬†to¬†a beautiful story titled, “30 dates before 30.”¬† It ended up being an exciting story, even¬†for me.¬†But the journey is not ending, in fact, in¬†many ways it is just the¬†beginning.

0 dates and counting up.


4 thoughts on “The Final Date – Number 30

  1. M. Welzbacher says:

    I am crying with joy in my heart for your wonderful journey. I’m sad that it’s the end of your blog but, so grateful you have found the man of your choice. Best of luck and please keep me posted about the future, it can’t end here. Your life is just beginning, may God bless your future journey into the life of love and romance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lacye says:

    I stumbled across your blog tonight from Gypsy Chic blog post. I loved reading about your journey even though I only read the last two posts so far. I have to say I was in awe I read what he wrote in your birthday card. It’s wonderful how you appreciate all the small gestures he didn’t even notice he was doing because it is a part of who he is. What an awesome way to spend your last few months in your twenties and thanks for sharing it. I liked what you said about being in the waiting room of life too….it’s so true. Thanks again! God Bless!


    • Thanks for this comment and for taking your time to write it. I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed reading so far! You should scroll to the first one and read it in order ūüôā


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