After The Rose

My plan was to write a follow up blog post after the 30 dates ended but it has taken a bit longer than I originally thought. My weekends have still been filled with dates with Mr. Knows Just What To Say. It actually seems a bit foreign to type Mr. KJWTS‘ blog name out again because it has been so long. It is almost like I am resurfacing a fictional character. But then I remember he is not fictional, he is a real person, a person I get to spend most weekends with and a person that I like more than ever. So yes, just in case you were wondering, we are still together 🙂

For so long, the guy “that I was going to date one day” was always just a figment of my imagination, almost like a fictional character in my mind. I imagined it for years – that sometimes I still have to stop and remind myself that this is indeed happening. I am dating… like officially exclusively dating someone.

A little while ago, I was talking to one of my best friends and I was telling her that I feel like I am literally experiencing a miracle by being in a dating relationship. I know that may seem a bit extreme to most of you. But to me, being involved in a dating relationship was such an unrealistic concept, something that happened to everyone else, but not me. So the fact that I end each date liking Mr. KJWTS more and more is a thrilling adventure for me.

I told my friend that liking a man and having him like me back feels like a miracle. The fact that we do not get tired of hanging out with one another each weekend and that we have a hard time saying goodbye is miracle 2 and 3. I realize that I am feeling this way because this is a new relationship. After years of dating or being married, I know there are times where two people do get quite sick of one another. I am sure at times, I may even look forward to having a break from him. But right now, I am experiencing the thrill of the early stages of romance and it’s pretty awesome.

My friend agreed with me about it being a miracle. See, when waiting is involved and when the gift finally does arrive, it does feels like a miracle. Maybe that is why kids love opening Christmas gifts so much. As a kid, Christmas seems to take forever to get here. As an adult, we lose a bit of that magic with opening gifts (or we just don’t get them anymore), because Christmas seems to come around ten times faster than when we were kids.

There is something to that wait.

My mom and some friends experienced what it was like to have to wait to get pregnant. I have heard their stories and have experienced it right along with some of them. The waiting is never fun. Who enjoys the waiting room? Not anyone I have met. But the waiting room exists for a reason; even though we might never understand why and we will certainly have our times of frustration. But if we ignored the waiting room altogether, we would head back to an area that wasn’t ready for us. The doctors would be busy and we would probably just start taking things into our own hands, which can be quite disastrous to say the least.

The waiting room exists for a reason.

The Waiting Room

All I know is when “it” finally happens, whatever that “it” is – a pregnancy, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a dream job, a specific prayer request etc. – the wait just doesn’t seem as bad anymore. It seems to get lost in the joy of “it” finally happening. For those of you waiting, I know what you are going through. I have had my share time of feeling like I was alone in the wilderness by myself, waiting on something that I wasn’t quite sure would ever come.

waiting for the dream

So my prayer for you is to remember that “it” is coming, so as hard as it is, just try and take a little nap in the waiting room and trust that God’s timing really is best – it’s not just a cute little cliché to say.

So have I mentioned yet that I just recently finished my 20th date with Mr. KJWTS? I don’t think he thought I was still counting, but this past weekend we were driving to the park and I turned and informed him of the count. He turned to me and gave me a look and a little roll of his eyes. I think his preference would be that we stop counting our dates – but I just can’t help it 😉

I am not going to recap the past 5 dates that have taken place since my last blog post. I told Mr. KJWTS that after date 30, we were going to date a bit more privately these days. Not once did he complain that our story was being shared to hundreds of people. Not once did he act like he was on egg shells, wondering what he could or could not say, in fear of what was going to be written in my post. He supported me and let me do my thang. But now I think I owe it to him, well to us, to date without readers. Although, my goodness, it sure has been fun!

However, before I go, let’s go back to one more date – the date that took place “after the rose.” The date that made me feel like we were an official couple.

I was interviewed by a web based radio show, MOD Love, back at the beginning of my journey. I posted that first interview back in date 11’s post. At the end of that interview, the host of the show, Jodi Riley, said it would be fun to catch up again when I ended my 30 dates. So sometime at the beginning of March, Jodi contacted me again to schedule that follow up interview. Jodi and her co-host, Steven Cardinal, record the show in Charleston and so she offered for me to come to them and do more of a live show instead of a call in. I thought the idea sounded terrific and asked Mr. KJWTS how he felt of coming with me and being part of the show as well. After a bit more explanation to him, he agreed and we set plans to have our first date after the 30 dates in Charleston –  the weekend after my birthday.

During our date 30, we set some plans for our Charleston weekend. Turns out one of Mr. KJWTS‘ best friends was going to be there the same weekend with his wife. They asked if we wanted to get together with them and we agreed. I had met them one other time on my date 25 and was excited to get to spend more time with them.

While Mr. KJWTS was going over the plans with me, hour by hour, I thought to myself how much I appreciated him. I am a planner and like to have things set. Even if they don’t end up happening and things change, I like to have a plan. So while he was in the midst of a sentence that went something like this, “So we are going to leave your house at 10:30 am and we can stop for lunch and then get to Charleston sometime before 1:00 pm and then go to the beach, like you wanted, for about 1.5 hours and then…” I began to smile and thought to myself how much we were alike. Planning our date out by the hour might annoy some people, but I was thankful for it and it made me like him even more. After he was finished, I told him how much I liked his planning.

So at 10:30 am, we loaded into his car and took off towards Charleston. During our drive there, we recapped our date 30. So of course our first kiss was brought up and he actually admitted to me that he had downloaded some songs in preparation for our first kiss. He told me he didn’t get a chance to play them on our date 30, but asked if I wanted to listen to them now.

Uhh, yes, of course I did.

He turned to me with an embarrassed look and said, “Kinda, cheesy, I know.” But I thought it was adorable. So our “first kiss” playlist, that I had just found out existed, began to play. Some of the songs included Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum and Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not by Thompson Square. That was so cute of him to plan that in anticipation of our first kiss. He told me that some of his friends were giving him a hard time about all of the thought he was putting in towards our kiss, but that his response to them was, “This is her first kiss, it has to be special.”

After stopping for lunch, we went to the beach. Because of the difficulty of finding parking and the fact that It was a bit windy, we only stayed for about an hour. Shortly after the beach we met up with the other couple and went on a carriage ride and then out to dinner.

The next day was our radio interview. As we were driving to record the show, Mr. KJWTS admitted he was a bit nervous. He looks so cute when he is nervous and I got a quick flashback to our first date. I told him he had nothing to worry about and that I would do most of the talking. He said he preferred it that way. Afterwards, he told me that it wasn’t as bad as he thought. He did great. I, on the other hand, wish I could go back and change some of the things I said. But oh well.

In case you missed the live show that aired about a month ago and are interested in listening, you can get to their shows from their website at The direct link to the show we were on is:

Our part picks up around minute 24.

After our interview, we met back up with his friends and now my friends too. They have accepted me very well and I appreciate that. We are actually going camping with them this coming weekend for our date 21…maybe I’ll stop counting when we hit the 30s….maybe.

We ate lunch with them and then spent the rest of the day walking around downtown Charleston. Walking down the street, with my hand in Mr. KJWTS‘ hand, on a beautiful day in a beautiful city, I felt so very happy. I don’t ever remember walking hand in hand with a man before and this is when I felt like an official couple. The kisses in between each event (when we were by ourselves and no one was looking of course), didn’t hurt either.

After a few hours of walking in and out of stores, getting some ice cream and enjoying the sunshine, we headed back home. Mr. KJWTS dropped me off at my house and then headed back home himself. I immediately began anticipating our date 17 and he later texted me a countdown of how many hours we had left until we could see each other again.

A part of me still wishes I could share every experience with those that read this blog. I am so appreciative of each person that has come up to me inquiring if we are still together and telling me they want an update. It warms my heart to have taken you along on this journey. I say this a lot, but every little comment, post and message means so much. Thank you for your excitement, encouragement and words along the way. Getting to share this part of my life with you has been so rewarding for me and I will never forget the 6 months leading up to my 30th birthday, especially because now I have way over 30,000 documented words from it. How many words does it take to write a book anyway?!

As I get ready to officially end my “30 dates before 30” blog, I wanted to share with you a picture from my birthday. It is a picture of the cake my parents ordered for me.

birthday cake pic

It was made by such a sweet woman – Ava Maria of For Goodness Cakes by Ava. I feel honored by how much hard work she put into making this cake, which represented my life. The cake entailed three volumes.

You can check her out on facebook –

The first volume of my life is when I entered this world; for my parents gave me my name because of its meaning of “God’s Promise.” Then there is volume 29 when I decided to do a crazy thing and attempt “Thirty dates before thirty.” Both volumes have come and gone, and both volumes were very enjoyable to live out (and to eat). However, volume 30 has just begun. Volume 30 which has been named “The Best is Yet to Come,” seems like an appropriate title. I truly do believe this – not because I deserve the best, and not because I am someone special, but because I serve a pretty special God.

As I say goodbye for now and begin living out this part of my journey, please do not forget that what God is doing in my life, He can also do in yours. Let’s trust the only One who can give us immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.

Together, let’s believe…the best is yet to come!


3 thoughts on “After The Rose

  1. M. Welzbacher says:

    So happy for you and your friend. Pray for “The Best is yet to Come”. God will answer all your prayers. Love to your family and Mr. KJWTS.


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